Management Systems Consulting

Business woman showing virtual global communication. Concept ofA management system describes the set of procedures an organisation needs to follow in order to meet its objectives.

In a small organisation there may not be an official system, just ‘our way of doing things’. Often ‘our way of doing things’ is not written down, instead it is in the head of the staff. However, the larger the organisation the more likely it is that there are written instructions about how things are done. This makes sure that nothing is left out and that everyone is clear about who needs to do what, when and how. When an organisation systemises how it does things, this is known as a management system.

At Harrison Management Solutions, we are specialists in exactly these sort of systems. More importantly for you, however, is the fact that we are specialists in delivering easy to understand ways to incorporate new systems or adapt existing ones in to your business. We are known for our friendly and positive approach to what can be a daunting subject, helping our customers to achieve excellent outcomes with minimal fuss, disruption or headaches.